Had some good news from a customers recently, They were selling their home, and it had been on the market for some months, the estate agent had recommended not spending any money on improving the property, and to just put on the market as it was, as he felt the cost would not justify the increase on value.

The owners asked for my advice, after they had only been receiving offers £10 below the market value, my advice was the house interior‌ decoration was quite dated, and the walls were in need of spot repairs. It would benefit from repairing plaster where needed and decorate with an updated contemporary, neutral colour scheme.

They agreed and after 10 days work on repairs, decorating and new carpets fitted throughout. They received three new viewings and it sold to the first viewer, with an increase offer of £10.000 a NET increase of £8,000

So happy for the owners, they received market value. and had the confidence to invest in their property, that paid off.

This room had a fitted wardrobe, that had been removed. Leaving a recess of 10 mm plaster.

We plastered the recess area to leave a level surface, re-boarded the ceiling recess and plastered. Then painted the room in white mat emulsion. To leave a smooth finish. Re-routed the old heating pipework to run under the floor boards. Fitted new skirting board. You would never know there had been a wardrobe fitted. Before and after pics below.

Rear bedroom finished
rear bedroom finished 2
living room finished
finished entrance
finished entrance 2
Front bedroom finished
Front bedroom finished 2